1. aznotnewk said: Beautiful photography

    Thank you!!

  3. I’ve been so disconnected from tumblr and most social media because the past 4 months have been spent traveling throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Most of the time I have been without internet or my computer, so there are so many pictures I still want/need to share. Stay tuned…

  4. More of Colorado’s landscapes

  5. Colorado

  6. Denver International Hostel | Denver, Colorado

  8. Mexican Sunflower | Nature Walks

  9. ncf-asweare:

    New College of Florida | As We Are Campaign

    A new photographic campaign initiative I’m helping spearhead on the New College campus. (Photographic credit varies). Check it out!

  10. inside-notes:

    Sunset at the Bay | New College of Florida

    Took this today!